My wife and I are in the forty years, how they roll a little tie and from time to sexyandfunny time, but only two of us Tease. We (or I should say ) had spoken often about those of others, as I bound and I want to do with me, but never beyond things. Just before my last birthday my wife suggested that maybe we could go somewhere and do something special birthday pate. I said yes, it would be nice, we could be in a good hotel and spend some time on foot, and we want to do that. sexyandfunny She said, and she let her fix something. This past weekend was my birthday and what proved to be a weekend - not what sexyandfunny I expected we had booked a cottage in the countryside beautiful, very quiet and secluded. Friday night we had a good meal on Saturday and had a nice walk. During the walk, said he had planned something special for the night and it was a bit of a surprise, but certainly, I sexyandfunny would enjoy it. on them 7ishI said, go take a shower, but remain in the sexyandfunny bath until it was completed. I expected her to go to the bathroom, a new outfit sexy fun with a little bedroom is often - how wrong I was. When he opened the bathroom door I was surprised that they are still in your jeans and a shirt. He came in and told her again. Next thing I remember is that I am with my hands cuffed behind me, and well-being blindfolded. My cock began to react and JST kissed the end of it. He asked if I had to say something, he said, "what happens," he said "wait and enjoy," and we thank them put a gag in his mouth. take me to the room and said bed and said he would return in a few minutes. I heard it go to a co- closed the door. Then I heard voices and thought this is not the time for visitors and still no one knew where we were at the weekend. Things then fell silent smelling, and I thought, thank God. I have also heard the dor sexyandfunny open and my wife told me I got up, took myHahn and lead me to what I know now, was the main hall of the cottage. Once in the room, left me standing leaing. Then I heard the movement of at least four or five pairs of hands touching me all over the body except my cock, which immediately became the height of elevation, and pursued evn more. At this time, my thoughts that we have all the space, but it was obvious that I was not alone and that my wife was surrise gagged and could not ask what was going on. At this time my wife told me to enjoy, and said he had a drink in the pub and a moment later I heard out the door of the place. This I heard a female voice, I would start with sexyandfunny a mouth took my cock in her mouth, sucking followed. I thought I would stop immediately, but whoever it was my dick works well and leave just before it was to end. Several others did the same to someone, then said, you can clean your teeth. I thought, what !!!!!. Next think you know someone went to the bathroom and have our Colgate MaxFresh (with cooling crystals ) toothpaste, pull my forskin and rub it on the head of my cock. OMG he was cold or hot, and I have never felt so strong and hot. Then everyone took turns to clean the sexyandfunny teeth with my cock, making sure he had no semen. This lasted 10 minutes, when I heard the door to exit. It was my wife who told all the women to leave. I thought, " Wait, I want to cum yet. " If everything had to go quietly told my wife it was my turn to prepare and brought joy to the jaw of the mouth. Almost as soon as the joke was a little wasput again and did not take long to realize that there was another guys cock. Now that I've been dragged cock before, but I hope not. My wife said, "I'm back at the bar you see in half an hour, I will bring something very special. " And left the door again. During the next half hour, I have about 6 cocksucking cum in my mouth or all over your face. When the latter occurred in the mouth, the jaw was used againand I had to swallow quickly so as not to suffocate. I heard the door to go back. It was my wife who said t to go to all children. My wife then sexyandfunny said he thought it was time to let me run and gave me a throbbing cock sucking. then grabbed my cock and led to the entrance of a very soft, tight pussy, which obviously is not it, as he stood side by side. She whispered to me so quickly thrust it deep and hard as I could what I did. It was a cry of " Oh My God" was my ??cock, followed by " it hurts, but it feels so good after so long. " It was not long before I felt my balls tighten willing to finished and my wife and I squeezed my balls and I shot cum in pussy jerk jerk the other woman. with my dick still in her pussy, my wife pulled me blindfolded, but not gag, it was so good. Here is the end of the tail hit my eyes - law, who is in his late fifties. turns out that trusted themr daughter ( my wife ) do not have sex because my father had died eight years ago, but could not go against the courage to ask a man to have sex, so my wife could work something out. To this day I still do not know it was me (his son ) that her pussy fucked and filled with semen. I do not think it's a birthday I will never forget, and I'm sure many, many more sexyandfunny waiting to be treated for my birthday. I just hope something happens to my wife for her birthday a few months.
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